I'm Michael Ziersch.

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He's Our Rex

2022 Federal campaign

Rex Patrick put his political career on the line, standing up for South Australian interests and fighting against corruption.

I was working in a very small team, in charge of the creative. We had tight deadlines that needed to be met as we coordinated with a fast paced (and fluid) schedule of press conferences and campaign announcements.

From storyboard to station

I developed several ads for use on Free-to-Air TV, On-Demand video platforms, social media and YouTube, guiding the process through from storyboards to station‑delivery.

Vote 1 Rex Patrick

We made the call early in the campaign to avoid political corflutes and instead focus on digital. This meant creating plenty of ads and organic posts to raise Rex's profile and share his message. To support the online user experience I optimised the design, page-speed & analytics of the 'fixer-upper' website. All in addition to the usual election essentials such as supporter merch and how-to-vote cards.

Forever Has Fallen

Story driven Metaverse, nominated for the prestigious Webby Awards

Listen to the podcast, then hunt though online escape rooms for the truth.

I was lead designer on this project directing both the look and feel of the creative, and designing the gameplay. There was lots of scope for quirky, one-of-a-kind websites in this unique project.

Building a community

We spent a lot of TLC reaching out to and nurturing our audience. In the entertainment space, you are immediately competing with AAA games and movies, so our job was to show what we can do differently and better. We were keen to encourage the special tribalism of getting in on the ground-floor of something big.

Building a world

The story of Forever Has Fallen is told across different interactive websites, emails & social media accounts. I was in charge of how these gameplay elements linked together, the design and build of the puzzles that users had to solve to continue, and the design of the web app used to track, help & reward fans as they progress.

The focus was always on adding more depth and colour to the world of Forever Has Fallen, rewarding the fans that went the extra mile with character backstories and secrets.


Where freedom begins

One day there will be more freedom from the drugs, unpredictability, tiredness, fear and anxiety that is epilepsy. We are working to make that day a reality.

The MinderĀ® System allows patients suffering from Epilepsy to record their EEG 24/7, supporting treatment with previously unseen data.

Once more with feeling

The Epiminder website needed a remake, something that engaged with both patients and clinicians as 'The MinderĀ® System' makes its way though clinical trials.

I was given free rein with the design, and I am particularly proud of showing the Minder System not as a medical device to be hidden, but as an empowering piece of technology.

The Epiminder Team were thrilled with the result and also asked me to re-work their presentation & document templates to match the look and feel of the website.

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